Squall’s Review and Summary of E3 2014: Nintendo Press Conference/Digital Event

I have to say. Creation wise and originality wise, Nintendo Wins. The opening of their even was FANTASTIC!! I was in stitches!! It got me sooo pumped for Super Smash Bros and their Amiibo figures. Really want a Wii U to play that game!

BUT unfortunately, everything else they showed was just dull. The Yoshi Yarn game looked boring as heck, sure the squid girl game looks interesting and unique, but it looks like it would get boring REALLY fast. The art style kind of reminds me of the cartoon series “Kids next door”.

Other than that, of course their major showing was Zelda, but yeah sure, I’m glad they’ve confirmed that it was in-game and it did LOOK fantastic art wise. But the resolution was really low and when the action started, it took a MASSIVE dip in frame rate :/ Plus it didn’t even have a name! It was basically just at the concept level :/ But i guess I’ve not played any of the previous Zelda games so don’t appreciate how much of a change it is.

Hyrule Warriors doesn’t appeal to me at all. Never liked the Dynasty Warrior games.

And that….was pretty much it :/ Overall, from what I had heard from nintendo fanboys, I was SEVERELY dissapointed. Fanboys were ranting and raving that Nintendo have “won” E3. I just don’t see it. I don’t know how they can claim that.

For me, Sony had the best show due to pure quality 🙂


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