Watch Two Sony Execs Talk About the Future of PlayStation

Fascinating. Loved it!! :3


Gaming Update

Another update on my gaming this week:

Didn’t get to play as much as I had planned, but I have been very busy with preparing to move flat. This next week will be EVEN more busy as I am moving on and it is freshers week at Uni. On the plus side though, I have started to play DayZ! A LOT! Bad News is….I suck 😦 I have learnt NOT to trust any players as they WILL kill you 😦 which sucks as it is the sort of game where I want to make friends and join a group of survivors. One time, I had lots of cool stuff:Β 

AK47 with Kobra sight,
Lots of Bandages,
Plenty of food and drink,
Ghilie suit

There was shooting from nearby so I went to investigate…Saw a guy in a ghilie suit running around in the streets and I was hiding somewhere where I didn’t think I was going to be seen….I was wrong… “Hey. Friendly. Don’t Shoot!” I shouted. Somebody responded with “Yeah, we’re friendly.” Then BANG! I was shot 😦 There was a group of them or something on the roof of the building the guy was running around. After I was shot all I heard was “retard”. Somehow I was still alive. I tried to get away but was shot again 😦

Another time I found a ghilie suit and just had an axe. I was being sniped from somewhere. I was bleeding but wasn’t down, I ran and ran and ran as far as I could from the town where I assumed he was sniping and bandaged up. After that I came across a barn and inside was a Lee Enfield, so I decided to head back to the town and try and find the guy, but I would be careful and go through the cover of the tree line. As I approached the town and headed out from the tree line, I turned a corner and there he was! A sniper in a ghilie suit squating next to a tree. He had somehow heard or seen me approaching and I started opening fire. He turned and started opening fire too. He was down…..or so I thought. He carried on shooting, and I finished him off. Just then 2 more snipers came into my FOV. I was screwed. I tried to shoot one more, but just as I hit to fire, I was down 😦 It was my first kill 😦 More recently I found an MP5 in the tower at some barracks and as I was exploring and about to leave I could hear bullets raining down around me. I was being sniped from somewhere. I ran inside the building to hide. A few moments later somebody with a shotgun came up the stairs, I opened fire on him. OH SHIT! It was on Semi! Not only that, it sounded like I was being sniped through the window behind me! Luckily I managed to kill the guy in the stairs but we just ended up killing each other.Β 

I promise you guys. Once I am moved into my new flat and better at the game I will upload some videos πŸ™‚

In other news, me and the girlfriend completed The Walking Dead Episode 3! Wow it was good! Sooo many good but hard choices to make! It was very hard hitting and shocking. At one point my girlfriend was nearly crying… It was such an amazing episode. Not as good as 2 mind you. Will keep you guys posted on anything new. Wish me luck in my new flat.