Guy Can’t Stop Laughing at How Buggy the Remastered Halo Games Are

Guy Can’t Stop Laughing at How Buggy the Remastered Halo Games Are

Oh dear 343 :/


Squall’s Summary and Review of E3 2014: Microsoft Press Conference

Okay guys, sorry about the delay. Been working a lot and just catching up on my blog stuff. Here’s my summary of E3 and the press conferences, announcements and all game related news 🙂

Let’s start with the Microsoft E3 conference:

Overall the Microsoft Press Conference was very meh. However I was very intrigued by the following games:

Fable Legends: Fable Legends does look pretty interesting. Looking forward to more info for this. Reminds me i should get round to playing the Fable series…

Halo the Master Chief Collection: I really wanna play this. It is really tempting to play through all (well, most) the Halo games and see what all the hype is about around this series. Might even get an Xbox One for this :3 (first i need to get a new TV, upgrade my PC, a Wii U and PS Vita lol)

Quantum Break: Another game I am tempted to get an Xbox One for. Love the games from Remedy and this looks sooooo good. Love the time-bending and pausing. Looking forward to more info on this :3 Hopefully it will be on PC too like Alan Wake….

Scalebound: This is a game that i’m a bit on the fence about. On one hand it’s made by Platinum Games. Who make FANTASTIC games! Really well made and mechanics highly refined and perfect. On the other, I’m not sold yet on the main character and don’t know if i like the art style. Don’t get me wrong, it looks beautiful, but that kinda art doesn’t pull me in like others do. Will have to wait and see what else they can reveal about this game. Maybe some gameplay footage can get me more interested 🙂

Sunset Overdrive: This game looks REALLY fun! Such bizarre gameplay and really funny comedy. Somebody made a good point recently that it kinda looks like a Jet Set Radio style of game. Not something to run out and get an Xbox One for, but hey definitely worth picking up once i do get an Xbox One.


And that was pretty much it from E3. Nothing too exciting but worth picking up :/