A Battlefield Player with 8,000 Hours on the Clock. Also: He’s 74

A Battlefield Player with 8,000 Hours on the Clock. Also: He’s 74

Awesome :3


Mods Make Battlefield 4 Screenshots Look Like Photographs


Oh man that looks cool 😀 Video Games = art

Squall’s Summary and Review of E3 2014: EA Press Conference

EA’s Press Conference was by FAR the worst Press Conference. They barely showed any actual games and anything they did announce won’t be out until 2015. For both Mass Effect 4 and Star Wars Battlefront, they showed pretty much JUST Concept stuff and that was it. On a side note though, the Star Wars Battlefront concept and Environments looked AMAZING! There were a few other games in fact that ONLY showed concept art. The worst of which was Mirror’s Edge. I am so excited for this and got pretty annoyed about their “designing Faith” video. it was pointless and shows that they are hardly even bothering! Which is very disappointing.

They also announced Battlefield: Hardline. This looks kinda interesting but god dammit, it’s just a mod for BF4! They just tweaked textures for classes and weapons+vehicles and slightly changed game modes. So annoyed about that game.

There was only one game at EA’s press conference that got me excited, and that was:

DragonAge Inquisition: I am sooo excited for this game! It looks STUNNING! The new gameplay they revealed as well as characters makes me so excited for this. Gonna go back and play the crap out of Dragonage Origins for this game 🙂

Seriously, go watch the gameplay stuff.


So yeah, that was pretty much it from EA’s Press Conference. Everything else was not note-worthy.