The Golden PS1 Is A Sony Fanboy’s Dream

The Golden PS1 Is A Sony Fanboy’s Dream

Oh wow that is epic!! I want one so bad!!! πŸ˜€ Wonder how much one of these VIPs would sell one for? lol


Report: Wii U purchasing intent surges by 50% following E3


Squall’s Review and Summary of E3 2014: Nintendo Press Conference/Digital Event

I have to say. Creation wise and originality wise, Nintendo Wins. The opening of their even was FANTASTIC!! I was in stitches!! It got me sooo pumped for Super Smash Bros and their Amiibo figures. Really want a Wii U to play that game!

BUT unfortunately, everything else they showed was just dull. The Yoshi Yarn game looked boring as heck, sure the squid girl game looks interesting and unique, but it looks like it would get boring REALLY fast. The art style kind of reminds me of the cartoon series “Kids next door”.

Other than that, of course their major showing was Zelda, but yeah sure, I’m glad they’ve confirmed that it was in-game and it did LOOK fantastic art wise. But the resolution was really low and when the action started, it took a MASSIVE dip in frame rate :/ Plus it didn’t even have a name! It was basically just at the concept level :/ But i guess I’ve not played any of the previous Zelda games so don’t appreciate how much of a change it is.

Hyrule Warriors doesn’t appeal to me at all. Never liked the Dynasty Warrior games.

And that….was pretty much it :/ Overall, from what I had heard from nintendo fanboys, I was SEVERELY dissapointed. Fanboys were ranting and raving that Nintendo have “won” E3. I just don’t see it. I don’t know how they can claim that.

For me, Sony had the best show due to pure quality πŸ™‚

Squall’s Summary and Review of E3 2014: Sony Press Conference

Sony had a really good show. They didn’t quite show as many new games as I thought they would, but they showed some great exclusive games and showed how and why multi-platform releases are better on playstation.

Bloodbourne:Β This looks very interesting. They didn’t show much, kinda reminds me of demon’s souls art wise. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

Drive Club:Β They showed some good stuff for this and looking forward to playing it later this year. Definitely most anticipated racing game.

Entwined:Β This game looks sooo beautiful!! Really wanna play this, it looks mesmerizing! Could probably play it for hours :3

Little Big Planet 3:Β I’m really excited for this. I really want a game that I can play with my friends and/or girlfriend. They look like they have really improved the mechanics and I like how the new characters give more complexity to the levels and co-operation between the players. Not made by Media Molecule it seems but it still looks really interesting πŸ™‚

No Man’s Sky:Β This game looks wonderful. It has so much beauty. But I don’t know what it’s really ABOUT yet…..Will have to wait to see more about it…

The Order 1866:Β This is the game that I am MOST looking forward to πŸ™‚ Great theme, great graphics, gameplay looks fantastic. Seriously can’t wait for it πŸ™‚ Showed some new gameplay footage at E3 and it was AWESOME!

Batman: Arkham Knight:Β They showed some gameplay footage at E3 and it was fucking fantastic!!! Then at the end they faked the game crashing and Scarecrow appeared on the screen. The new design for scarecrow is amazing!!! 8D The level of detail on the mask is awesome! and his voice was perfect. Got me sooo excited for that game 8D

The other major thing they announced was Far Cry 4 gameplay footage and they announced that you can play with your friends who don’t even own the game!! 8D They also did some major announcements about Playstation Now, which unfortunately didn’t have anything mentioned about a UK/Europe release :/ But they did also talk about Playstation TV coming to europe πŸ˜€ Oh they also talked about the Destiny Beta and Alpha. I played some of the Alpha and LOVED IT!!! Can’t wait for the Beta :3

Overall, a fantastic show by Sony and really looking forward to their upcoming games πŸ˜€

Squall’s Summary and Review of E3 2014: Ubisoft Press Conference

For me, the Ubisoft Press Conference was very close to Sony in having the best press conference. They showed so many great games, it was fantastic! πŸ˜€ The main downfall of the conference was the host :/ I love her and both hate her at the same time, hahaha. Anyways, let’s move on to the games:

Assassin’s Creed Unity: This looks superb!! Looks like they’ve really refined the mechanics for this entry in to the series. Can’t wait to play though the Assassin’s Creed series to get to this πŸ™‚ Great CGI trailer and fantastic Β gameplay footage πŸ˜€

Far Cry 4:Β This looks sooooo good! Fantastic CGI trailer and got me sooo excited for this πŸ™‚ The villain looks really cool and interesting. More a “crazy with power” guy rather than just “crazy” like vas from Far Cry 3. Look for more in the gameplay stuff at Sony’s conference :p

Valiant Hearts:Β This is one of the smaller more creative games that was shown. Really wanna play this game! I think the trailer made soooo many people teary-eyed. Looks like a reaaally good story that i’d struggle to pull myself away from.

Tom Clancy’s The Division:Β Fantastic trailer for this! really good and with the new announcements for the gameplay, i seriously cannot wait for this game!!! πŸ˜€ Will be great to play this with my work colleagues πŸ™‚

Rainbow Six Siege:Β THIS FUCKING GAME! This game wins E3! Soooo fucking excited for this game! The level of teamwork, the planning, the level of detail that they have put into this game; looks soo good! Really like the planning stage where you can send in a spying drone to scope out the place, or as the other guys, set traps and re-inforce walls, doors and windows. Love the destruction available too! πŸ˜€ GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!


So yh, great tonne of games from Ubisoft. Really looking forward to all of the games mentioned above. Great job Ubisoft! πŸ™‚